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Our hard floor cleaning restores your costly engineered surface investment’s look and hygiene. Over time grout lines and tile faces along with vinyl and vinyl plank surface accumulate mopped in heavy soil deposits. American HOT Steam hard floor cleaning works to restore these surfaces to a time earlier in their life.

Here’s Why You Need Our Hard Surface Cleaning Whyalla Service

Grout lines and textured flooring have course, semi absorbent surfaces. Over time fine soiling, as well as grease and fallout from cooking and pollution will be deposited in an ever increasing encrusted layer as natural consequence of normal mopping. Our service helps reverse the process with hot treatment and hot steam cleaning. Your hard floor investment is treated with safe and effective cleaners that break up long term – heavy – dingy – soiling that deposits in grout lines and in the face of textured surfaces over time. Leaving nothing to chance the treatments are worked into the surface using agitating brushes and scrubbing tools that make the results go further. Finally the hot steam cleaning process flushes and purges the surface of soiling and treatment together in one step leaving a floor free of embedded filth. You may decide after seeing the outstanding cleaning results to preserve your floors appearance longer by sealing your grout; making it more resistant to future dirt and spills. Our grout sealing process will imbue your restored floor appearance with an invisible barrier of protection. Like a force field the barrier coats the porous surfaces of your hard flooring, protecting them from contamination. Floors protected this way typically go twice as long between future restoration cleanings, saving you time and money. Your floors will look their best and be more hygienic too, which is especially important for little ones learning to crawl and explore – or – those wanting the best impression to sell their home.

Quality Work Always

When you clean your hard floor with my service, you can be assured of receiving the best. The Best Result, Best Process, Best Value and Best Service. That’s real confidence for your precious investment and hygiene.

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I asked Grant to come out to my best mate Petes house, to give him a quote on the Lino & bathroom tiles. He was so prompt in organizing a time to come out and see him. The job he did was absolutely AMAZING! The Lino had a sticky /dirty film all over it. We couldn’t even remember the colour it was supposed to be. The tiles has a layer of soap scum on, especially under the shower head (I actually thought the tiles were worn). Since having his floors done, Pete has bragged about Grant and his business non stop, to anyone who will listen!! (And rightly so). Lovely bloke running a top business, prompt and reliable, a very friendly nature. Done an immaculate job on my 3 piece suede lounge. Looks like it just came off the shop floor. Highly recommended! Cassie Hamilton

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Without a doubt the best tile cleaner in Whyalla. The tiles in my house where filthy after years of dogs and kids. I can safely say they now look as good as new. Thanks Grant. Jim Reynolds

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